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Great to meet you, {{answer_56624137}} . Mind if we start off with a few simple questions?

What's your company named?

And what kind of help does {{answer_56624146}} need?

You can keep it brief for now.
What kind of assets do you need generated? *

How many people would you like to participate? *

Immersions are typically best with small (4-6) or medium (12-18) participants.
When is the ideal date of your immersion?

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Okay, now let's dive deeper.

Take a deep breath.
How would you describe your project to a fifth grader?

A smart, curious one, with a limited attention span.
Why are you doing this?

Yes, you.
What are you hoping to achieve through our work?

Simply, how would we define success together?
How will the world be different once we've succeeded?

Paint us a picture.
Who is your audience?

Millenials? Boomers? Urban? Rural? Humanoid robots?
What do you want people to think about our work?

What important ideas should they be left with? Think in the realm of logic, words and ideas.
And what should they feel about our work?

Textures, scents, songs, memories, are all welcome here. Don't be afraid to get poetic.
Which brands most inspire you?

Don't sweat their sector. Which brands hold something you'd like to bring in the field.
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